VOK 612: LOTR ReRead Reunion – Counterfactual History

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Many of us are comfort-reading LOTR right now, so Bina007 decided to gather up the Vassals who hosted the LOTR re-read back in 2013 to discuss what would have happened if Faramir had attended the Council of Elrond rather than Boromir; if Sauron had never found the Ring; if Theoden hadn’t helped Gondor; what if Sauron won; and what if Saruman never went bad.

Thanks to Matt’s Air Con and Paul playing LOTR online this isn’t the cleanest of audio files but we thought The Listener would still like to hear OG Vassals Shellfish, Nadia and EastTexasDirewolf back on the airwaves.  Quotidian hosts include Matt/Varley, Bina, Brett/Whiteraven, Adam/Drownedsnow and Paul/SerDinnerRoll.

Spoilers for all things Tolkien duh.

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2 responses to “VOK 612: LOTR ReRead Reunion – Counterfactual History

  1. Great to hear Shellfish, Nadia and EastTexasDirewolf again! Peter, Nadia and Shane were a big reason I got into VOK podcasts. You have been missed my old friends!

    • Thank you for your kind words Andrew. They warm the heart. I was very glad to hear the voices of old friends as well. 🙂

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