VoK 588: Sellswords and Sea Lords aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 100)

The Linear ReRead of A Song of Ice and Fire spends some time with in Essos moving the plot forward one foot at a time. Will Quentyn learn how to train a dragon? What’s a sellsword to do? Does Euron have a pet kraken?

Events take place July 11th-14th.

Barristan 2/The Discarded Knight – Dance – Talks to Quentyn
Quentyn 3/The Spurned Suitor – Dance – Deal with Tattered Prince
Tyrion 12 – Dance – Signs contract with Second Sons
Aeron /The Foresaken – TWOW – Battle against the Redwynes

Hosts: Adam (drownedsnow), Zach (Alias), Marie (Nymeria), Matt (Varley), Michael (Khal Wadege), Matt (blu3armor), Jock (Munrojock2), and Justin (Archibold).

Edited by Adam

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