VoK 582: A Buyer’s Market aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 97)


Join the vassals as we continue our epic linear reread. Tyrion, Penny, and Jorah are sold to Yezzan zo Qaggaz, Dany makes peace with Yunkai, introduces Quentyn to her dragons, attends the opening of the fighting pits and flies away on Drogon. Oh yeah, Arianne is in this episode too…

The episode was split into two parts due to length. In part 1 we review Tyrion 10 and Dany 8 from Dance. In part 2 we spend a lot of time on Dany 9 from Dance and we also get into Arianne 1 from Winds. Your hosts are QueenJames, Dr. Blood, Khal Wadege, Gaiden, Pops88, Shadow_baby, Nymeria, Varley, and Bina007.

Spoilers for all ASOIAF including TWOW preview chapters. We also have a GOT show discussion in the aftershow of part 2.

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