VoK 572: Delicious Pies and Shameful Walks aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 94)


VOK discusses some of the best-written and most iconic chapters in A Dance With Dragons in this episode:  A Prince In Winterfell, where Fake Arya weds Ramsay; The King’s Priza/Asha 2 where Stannis’ troops are snowbound (35m); and Cersei 2, in which she makes her Walk of Shame (1hr).  These events take place far apart in the published order but between June 14th and 19th 300 AL.

Your hosts are Bina007, Adam/DrownedSnow, Hannah/Shadowbaby, Michael/Inkasrain, Marie/Nymeria and Jock/MunroJock2.

We spoil A Song of Ice and Fire, but do not spoil the TV show, A Game Of Thrones.

For those following along at home the next episode will cover Theon 5/The Turncloak, Dany 7 and Arya 2/The Ugly Little Girl from Dance.

Music credits – Alpine Universe and The Walking Blues by the legendary blues singer Robert Johnson.

Picture credit – HBO

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