VoK 567: Feast Retrospective #2 aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 91)

This is the second episode of an epic three part wrap up discussion A Feast For Crows. We begin with asking whether Sansa will become the most dangerous player of the Game of Thrones, the move to a small discussion of Arianne at 22m in, and wrap up with a discussion of Arya at 25m in. The aftershow begins at 37m30s and contains extensive TWOW spoilers.

The next and final episode of this recap will Brienne and the Greyjoys.

Music credit – Alpine Universe. Picture credit – HBO.

Your hosts are: Matt/Blu3arm0r, Noah/Pops88, Michael/Khal Wadege, Wilson/Wandering Prophet, Bina007 and MunroJock2.

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