VoK 551: Brienne in the Badlands aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 87)

Bina, QueenJames, Abby/DaceyMormont, Jock and Dan/WitlessChum roll into the penultimate Feast episode as Brienne shouts a word in Brienne 8, Cersei writes a letter to Jaime in Cersei 10 and Theon’s POV is named Reek for the last time.

Reek 3 (1m) – Brienne 8 (21m) – Cersei 10 (34m) – Safe for all aftershow (58m) –  TWOW spoiler aftershow (1hr4m) –  GOT spoiler aftershow slash dirge (1hr7m30s)

Music credit – Alpine Universe & The Boss; Picture credit – HBO

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