VoK 545: Warrior’s Sons and Winged Knights aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 86)


Join your vassals James(QueenJames), Matt(Varley), Matt(blu3arm0r), Michael(Khal Wadege), Adam(drownedsnow), Marie(Nymeria) for another episode of the Great Linear A Song of Ice and Fire Reread. This episode could potentially spoil any events in George RR Martin’s published series as well as TWOW preview chapters.

We ended the last episode with Moqorro’s vision of Cthulhu in Tyrion 8 in Dance on May 10th. In this episode we cover Cersei 8, Alayne 2/Sansa 3 and Cersei 9 from Feast. The Sansa chapter is the last one published in the series. These events take place between May 11th and 15th 300 AL.

Cersei 8 (2m); Alayne 2/Sansa 3 (33m); Cersei 9 (1hr 17m); After Show (1hr 42m).

Music credit – Alpine Universe

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