VoK 528: Star Trek – Discovery (CBS series) – Season 2


Join Bina, Marie/Nymeria, Jock and, in a mirror-podcast, DavidHHH and Dana/Taindana, for their discussion of Discovery Season Two and unabashed Dreamy Captain Pike shipping.

  • Expectations for season 2 (0m)
  • Lemoncake Ratings (8m)
  • Themes –
    • AI (11m)
    • Security vs the Rule of Law (16m30s)
    • Time Travel vs Free Will (25m 30s)
    • Family relationships
      • Spock and Burnham (34m)
      • Stamets and Culber (43m)
      • Ash and L’rel (50m)
      • The family that is Discovery (56m)
    • Religion vs Science (1hr 1m)
    • Environmental Degradation (1hr 7m 30s)
  • Characters
    • Reno (1hr 11m)
    • Saru (1hr 16m)
    • Pike (1hr 19m)
    • Number One (1hr 22m)
    • In Memoriam (1hr 25m)
  • Expectations for season 3 (1hr 31m)

Spoilers for all things Trek.

Music credit – Star Trek Discovery Main Theme and Torpedo sound effect.

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