VoK 496: FeastDance Blue Balls aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 78)


Ironmen get flayed – a Prince is Tattered – and a woman wanders around Westeros without a clue in the 78th episode of the epic linear ASOIAF reread. Join Bina, Varley, Adam, Zack, Marie and Jock as they wade balls-deep into FeastDance, with Reek/Theon 2, Quentyn 2/The Windblown at 18m, and Brienne 5 at 29m. These events take place between the 5th and 9th April 300.

The aftershow starts at 45m with the superb Moot Of The World song by Ged O’White Hart!

The podcast is dark and full of spoilers for anything in George R R Martin’s ASOIAF series. Content from TWOW preview chapters will be clearly flagged and avoidable. We do not discuss or spoil the show.

For those following along at home the next episode of the re-read will be hosted by QueenJames for the first time!! and will cover Cersei 6 from Feast, Jon 6 from Dance and Tyrion 6 from Dance.

Picture credit – HBO

Music credits – Alpine Universe and the Podcast Bard – Ged O’White Hart

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