VoK 482: The Buckethead Army aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 73)


In this episode Bina007, Matt/Varley, Adam/Drownedsnow, Marie/Nymeria and Michael/Khal Wadege discuss Arya 2 from Feast (2m in) Jon 4 (24m in) and Davos 3 (at 56m in) from Dance. The events take place from March 7th to March 12th. We get Arya’s supercool training montage in Braavos, we get Stannis hearing some home truths from Jon, and Wylla Manderley being a badass.

The podcast contains spoilers for all published works in ASOIAF but not for Game of Thrones.

For those following along at home the next episode of the re-read will cover Cersei 4 from Feast and Tyrion 4  and Bran 2 from Dance.

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