VoK 451: Last Frey Standing aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 60)


Join the Vassals as they tackle the hanging of Merrett in the epilogue of ASOS; the Kingsmoot in Aeron 2 from AFFC; and Arya leaving the Hound in Arya 13!  The events stretch from the 30th January to 6th February 300 AL.

Your hosts are Casey/Blue-Eyed Queen, Matt/blu3arm0r; Noah/Pops88, Nadia, and Tanja/Scilens.

The night is dark and full of spoilers for all published works in the A Song Of Ice and Fire series.  At 1hr 7m the team discuss a published spoiler from TWOW and at 1hr15m they discuss a transcript of a chapter read at a Con.  This is clearly labelled and those not reading TWOW spoilers should tune out at 1hr7m.

Picture credit: HBO’s Game Of Thrones
Music credits: Alpine Universe

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