VoK 440: Three Books in One! aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 58)


Join the Vassals for Part 58 of the Epic Linear Re-Read ! Today we discuss chapters from three different books: Dany 2 from ADWD, The Captain of the Guards from AFFC and Jon 9 from ASOS, which cover events of January 20th and 21st 300. Dany chains the dragons, we are introduced to Dorne, and the Battle of the Wall rages when old friends show up … but not yet Stannis !
Your hosts are Bina/Bina007, Alix/Aiwendil, Matt/Varley, David/davidhhh and Marie/Nymeria.

The next episode will be hosted by Adam and will cover Asha 1 from Feast, Jon 10 from Storm and Victarion 1 from Feast. Brace yourselves for a lot of Iron Islands action and the arrival of Stannis at the Wall !

Spoilers: this episode does not contain spoilers for the show A GAME OF THRONES, but can contain spoilers for all published books in the series.

Disclaimer: opinions expressed in this episode are only those of the hosts, and do not represent VOK as a whole.

Aftershow starts at 1:14:15

Edited by Nymeria
Picture credits Luisa Giliberti

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