VoK 389: CockneyMoot! aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 44)

chapter_25___a_storm_of_swords_drawing_project_by_apoiaf-d670f7eJoin the Cockneymooters for the 44th edition of the Great ASOIAF Linear Reread. In this episode we cover the events of the 15th to 17th November 299, and the chapters Cat 5, Bran 2 Arya 5 and Arya 6 from A Storm of Swords.

Your hosts are Bina007, Joe, Noah/Pops88 and Tanja/Scilens. We also welcome honorary Cockney For The Night, Matt/Varley and visiting Curator, Duncan/Valkyrist..

The podcast is dark and full of spoilers for all published works in George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire but not for HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Music credit: Alpine Universe and The Kinks.
Picture credit: The Podcast of Ice and Fire drawing project. Bran 2 by KingBeyondTheWall.

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One response to “VoK 389: CockneyMoot! aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 44)

  1. Yet Another Aegon

    Bina gets too down on Robert. He was bad but the regional instability in Westeros has very little to do with his rule. The infighting went on all through the reign of the Targaryen Kings and even the regional kings before.

    Blackwoods and Brackens fought each other numerous times during the Targ reign.

    There was the Skagosi Rebellion around the time of the Blackfyre Rebellion.

    And the first Aerys let the ironborn run rampant in the Westerlands and the North.

    If the story in The Sworn Sword is any indication these little border wars happen frequently because as one other caster said the place is just too big to centrally control. Plus, if you’re attacked, it’s not like help is around the corner. It could take days for a response. By that time, any raiders would be gone so Dacey Morning better damn well be brushing up on her axe skills.

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