VoK 385: Alternate Reality aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 42)

Adam (drownedsnow), Marie (Nymeria), Hannah (shadowbaby), and Matt (Varley) continue the epic linear re-read of A Song Of Ice and Fire. Sam embraces his destiny and becomes the Slayer, Jon gets caught in his lies but it still works out for him because of his amazing hair, and Arya continues her travels with a group people that are holding her for ransom. Unfortunately, SerDinnerRoll was lost in the realm of doppelganger avatars and therefore was accidentally left out of this one.

Aftershow starts at 1:15:30 and covers a bit of the wait for The Winds of Winter

This episode covers 9th Nov 299 – 13th Nov 299

Sam 1 (ASOS)
Jon 2 (ASOS)
Arya 4 (ASOS)

Spoilers: This episode covers all published works in George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire but does not give Game of Thrones show spoilers.

Editor: Adam

Picture credit:  The A Podcast Of Ice and Fire drawing project: Jon II by Lex

The next episode will cover

13th Nov 299 – 14th Nov 299
Jaime 4, Cat 4, and Dany 5 from A Storm of Swords

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2 responses to “VoK 385: Alternate Reality aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 42)

  1. 1:31:00

    Listen to the moment hope DIES during some GRRM technical tinfoil talk. I LOVE THE PODCAST AND HOSTS [not Patrick🙈]

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