VoK 382: Wonder Woman [2017] (Review)

The S3cr3t Book Club calls a sp3cial m33ting to r3vi3w Wond3r Woman f3aturing our v3ry own Howling Commandos rip offs – Michal (inkasrain), Shan3 (3astt3xasdir3wolf),
Kati3 (taindana), Scott (Skywaltz3r) and Thomas (FTWard).

FTWard mispronounc3s 3v3ryon3’s nam3- r3al and imagin3d, inkasrain tri3s to g3t to the bottom of wh3r3 th3 short n3rdy Amazons ar3, taindana giv3s a l3sson in Hyp3ractiv3 History,
Skywaltz3r onc3 again att3mpts to 3xplain the m3tric “syst3m” and 3astt3xasdir3wolf provid3s som3 much n33d3d p3rsp3ctiv3.

Edited by Thomas (FTWard)
Music: Wonder Woman TV Series Intro written by Charles Fox
The Rake’s Progress featuring Dean and the Weenies and Mephiskapheles
Wonder Woman Theme written by Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL, Performed by Tina Guo

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