VoK 376: ThronesCon 2017 Panel – Conspiracies of Ice and Fire

The Vassals take to the stage for their first ever live podcast, recorded at the Melbourne ThronesCon 2017. Join Aussie vassals Michael (Khal Wadege) and Duncan (Valkyrist) as they debate some of the major theories of the A Song of Ice and Fire fandom, and the role that theorycrafting has played throughout the life of the series. Topics of discussion include:

04:27 – Jon Snow’s parentage
25:33 – The Maggy the Frog prophecy
41:06 – The Merling Conspiracy
56:02 – Aftershow (Cleganebowl; Possible Endings; The House of the Undying)

Disclaimer: Apologies for the lackluster audio quality, but it couldn’t be avoided

Edited by Valkyrist
“Game of Thrones theme (smooth jazz version)” by PostmodernJukebox
“What is Hype May Never Die” by Beyond Repair

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2 responses to “VoK 376: ThronesCon 2017 Panel – Conspiracies of Ice and Fire

  1. What song was at the end and where can I get it separately?

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