VoK 362: The World of Ice and Fire – Talking Targaryens (Part 3)

targcastlargerWelcome to the third instalment of our Talking Targaryens series and the reason why many of the participants have been sporting the same forum picture. The now actually annual podcast will cover the World of Ice and Fire book’s Targaryen section from Baelor first of his name to Daeron the second. Our cast is comprised of Patrick the Conqueror, Hannah the Blessed, Nadia the Cruel, Adam the Unworthy, Tanja the Good and Paul the Small.

The Hosts:
Paul (Ser Dinner Roll)
Patrick (Ser Patrick the Tall)
Adam (drownedsnow)
Tanja (scilens)
Hannah (shadowbaby)

Baelon the 1st : 0:02:56

Viserys 2nd : 0:48:17

Aegon the 4th: 1:16:41

Daeron 2nd: 1:47:52

Aftershow : 2:14:10

Patrick (The Tall) – Editor

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