VoK 354: Full Cast(le) Recording #12 – A Thorny Proposition

Image result for queen of thorns cheese

The Vassals of Kingsgrave cordially invite you to join us in the Maidenvault for an entirely sincere and not at all conspiratorial soirée. Partake in cheeses and secrets as we perform Sansa I of A Storm of Swords in this very belated Full Castle Recording.

The following FCR was recorded in August 2014. Headphones are recommended.

The Cast:
Greg (claudiusthefool) – Narrator
Michal (inkasrain) – Olenna Tyrell, “The Queen of Thorns”
Amber (amberrocks) – Sansa Stark
Elena (Lady_Grey) – Margaery Tyrell
Leigh (LordManderBlee) – Loras Tyrell
Seif (reg roone) – Butterbumps
Katie (Lady Griffin) – Alerie Tyrell / Cheese Boy

The Crew:
Edited by Seif and Katie

Music Credits:

“Lute Music” by Paul O’Dette

“Market” from Ocarina of Time Cover by Shinainaru

“The Bear and the Maiden Fair” Cover by Irish Moutarde

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