VoK 346: Westworld (HBO series) – Season 1 Retrospective


Join Alix/Aiwendil, Adam/DrownedSnow, Bina007, Matt/VarleyOnTheForums and Michael/Mordion as they review season 1 of HBO’s Westworld and speculate about season 2.

This podcast contains spoilers for the HBO series and original movie.

The aftershow begins at 57 minutes.

Music and picture credit: HBO & Barenaked Ladies.

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3 responses to “VoK 346: Westworld (HBO series) – Season 1 Retrospective

  1. Nice episode!

    I think Samurai World was just a throwaway, noting that there is more in this universe than we knew. They may be able to go back to in the future once they are out of their pre-planned storylines in future seasons.

    As for why they aren’t doing Rome or Medieval World… HBO already has shows called “Rome” and “Game of Thrones.” I think they would want to cover some newer territory, and I would agree. A Medieval World on Westworld after Game of Thrones ends seems a little cheap…

  2. I enjoyed your discussions as usual, but was a little confused (sort of like watching WestWorld 😎 ) that you all gave it so many lemoncakes then spent most of the discussion talking about how things didn’t work or make sense. I agree with the discussion points, just not the lemoncake ratings.

    • I think our lemoncake ratings reflected how much we enjoyed watching the show and discussing it. To me, enjoying the show and nitpicking/trying to make sense of things aren’t mutually exclusive, if that makes any sense 😀 As with all things Nolan, I think we’ll figure more things out as we re-watch (and our lemoncake ratings might evolve with time as well, as Bina expressed after we had spent an hour pointing out all the things that didn’t make sense in the show). I, for one, stand by my lemoncake rating (at least for now), because no matter how confused I was, I thoroughly enjoyed every episode and am looking forward to season 2!

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