VoK 344: Blackwater Part Duo aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 30)


The Battle of the Blackwater continues and concludes with the next episode of the ASOIAF linear reread.

Join hosts Blue-Eyed-Queen/Casey, Nymeria/Marie, Munrojock2/Jock, White Raven/Brett, drownedsnow/Adam, IronRuhail/Ruhail, Ser Patrick the Tall/Patrick, and Bina007/Bina.

This episode will cover Sansa 6, Tyrion 14 and Sansa 7 – finishing the events of 7th September 299. We see a little bit into the making of Cersei, Tyrion’s battle skills, and the last interaction between Sansa and Sandor Clegane before he flees Kings Landing. These are all consecutive chapters in the published order of A Clash of Kings.

This podcast contains spoilers for all published works of ASOIAF.

The aftershow begins at 1 hr 24 minutes.

Picture credit: The A Podcast Of Ice And Fire drawing project – Sansa 7 by Jenn Rose.
Music credit: The Podcast Bard – Jed O’White Hart.

The next reread will be hosted by Bina and will have our first chapter of A Storm of Swords. The chapters will be Dany 1 (ASOS), Jon 6, Theon 5, and Jon 7, all from ACOK.

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