VoK 323: CanadaCast aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 22)


The epic linear re-read of A Song Of Ice and Fire gets to the half-way point of A Clash of Kings, as the vassals cover Cat 3, Cat 4, Sansa 3, and Jon 3 – or the death of Renly, Joffrey terrorising Sansa and Craster’s Keep. These events correspond to June 11th to 20th 299.

Your hosts are Alexi (Czar Alexi), Bina007, Casey (Blue-Eyed-Queen), Drew (Wargasm), Hannah (Shadowbaby), Matt (Varley), Steven (SJLee) and Zander (The Lord Baron).


The aftershow begins at 1 hr 45mins. No caribou were harmed in the taping of this episode.

Spoilers: This episode covers all published works in George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire but does not give Game of Thrones show spoilers.

Music credit: Alpine Universe and The Presidents Of The USA. Picture credit:  The A Podcast Of Ice and Fire drawing project: Cat 3 by Dickon Manwoody.

The next episode will be hosted by Ser Patrick The Tall and will cover the following chapters from A Clash of Kings: Tyrion 8; Arya 8; Bran 5 and Tyrion 9.

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2 responses to “VoK 323: CanadaCast aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 22)

  1. Joffrey’s claim isn’t contested because he was born of incest. It’s contested because he’s not Robert’s son.

  2. Hail the Vassals! Quality discussion as always. Love the content and back-and-forth: its not just an ‘orgy of opinions’ (like some other podcasts) between you guys; there’s a lot of analysis and comparisons with our history, it’s all super engaging. LOVE IT! I am fast becoming a fan of ‘Wargasm’ and the ‘Blue Eyed Queen’. Zander, Alexi, ‘Shadowbaby’, Steven and of course Matt ‘the Man’, you guys crack me up.
    Bina007, I am one podcast away from wanting to have your babies! Seriously! Don’t know if its ASOIAF or your knowledge of medieval societies, but I am in deep. I don’t care if you’re already married, I’ll be your paramour. In the words of Daario Naharis: ‘I am not proud, I don’t care what perfumed aristocrat sits beside you at feasts’! Lol
    Okay, that’s enough fan raving. Hope to hear more ASOIAF discussions from you guys. All the best.

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