VoK 293: WolfCast – “The Book of the Stranger” (S06E04 Review)


Glen (Dagos_Rivers) is joined by the (missed) KrakenCast leader, Duncan (Valkyrist), and a new host (although I later realised he had been in VoK 151), Mattias (Maca). The rest of the regular WolfCast return from the first review: Matthieu (Beric175), Claire (DarkSister24) and David (ChurchofStarryWisdom).

Also discussed:
-Storyline by Storyline commentary
-Daenerys walking through fire, Terminator style.
-The Wall bookending the show.
-We continue to ponder what became of Gendry.
-Matthieu gets a grilling for being late for a podcast 🙂
-The Sopranos and future podcasts on that show.
-Update on Duncan’s academic life.

Running Time: 01:25:18
Edited by Dagos_Rivers

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One response to “VoK 293: WolfCast – “The Book of the Stranger” (S06E04 Review)

  1. Thanks for the Wolfcast on Book of the Stranger. No disrespect for Dragoncast, but the Wolves are (in the podcast continuum) considered and sober. Dragons are clever and snide and focused on humor. Both are entertaining, but good to have varied styles.

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