VoK 285: WolfCast – “The Red Woman” (S06E01 Review)


VOK Wolfcast roster changes this year, with Dagos_Rivers (Glen) leading the pack and joined once again by Beric175 (Matthieu) – who mysteriously disappears half-way through the recording, and joined by (relative) newcomers: DarkSister24 (Claire) and ChurchofStarryWisdom (David). They review the launch episode of Season 6, of Game of Thrones; they discuss each location, and associated characters; provide their lemoncake scores and make some predictions of where the storylines are going.

The WolfCast discuss whether Season 6 will outperform Season 5, how long the show will last; are the writers eager to end the show, and if certain storylines *cough* Dorne *cough* will survive much longer.

Also discussed:
-Official posters for each Season, and which is the best
-What is this ‘Heads Up’ game, as seen on Ellen?
-We reminisce on E4’s ‘Misfits’.
-How hard it is to get into a show when it is massive, like
Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead.

Running Time: 01:45:50
Edited by Dagos_Rivers

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2 responses to “VoK 285: WolfCast – “The Red Woman” (S06E01 Review)

  1. David P Morris

    Let’s go, WolfCast! Edit that “Home” podcast and get it up! Thursday is plenty long enough for me to wait to see who thinks Melisandre succeeded and who thinks Jon was in Ghost. 😀

  2. Thanks for listening, David. We didn’t record an episode for this week but we’ll be back for future episodes.

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