Vote for VOK in the Podcast Awards

Hi everyone,
It is the annual Podcast Awards, nominations begin on Friday, 15th April.

Podcast Awards

If you go to the above link, and you will be able to submit a form (from 15th April) of your favourite podcasts, in a number of categories like Gaming, Movies, Politics, Religion, etc.

So we would appreciate if you nominate Vassals of Kingsgrave for Best ‘TV and Film’ Podcast; A Podcast of Ice and Fire for People’s Choice Podcast, and Best ‘Entertainment’ Podcast.

Although, if you don’t want to vote for either podcast, it is still a good opportunity to nominate the podcasts you love in their respective category.

There is a major shakeup which might help both podcasts: they have brought in a rule that podcasts that have won awards, in 2015, will be ineligible, or podcast that have won 5 awards in the past will be ineligible (so Internet Box that VOK lost to last year, in Best General Podcast, has won three times), that may help APOIAF too, as a number of podcasts have won possibly 5 or more awards in the past 10 years (ESPN Fantasy Focus, Rob has a Podcast, Mugglecast, This American Life).

Thanks once again for everyone that takes the time to listen to the podcasts, through iTunes, or through YouTube.


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