VoK 272: The Black Dahlia (Part 2)


In Part Two of this Podcast, Matt (Varley), Julia (No True Lady), Bina (Bina007) and Thomas (FTWard) discuss theories and suspects in the murder of Elizabeth Short in Los Angeles, 1947. We also briefly talk about how The Black Dahlia murder has been portrayed in the media.

We would like to warn listeners that the subject matter we discuss is extremely graphic and disturbing. This is not suitable listening for minors and those of a sensitive disposition should consider whether to continue. We also want to emphasise that we have great sympathy and respect for Elizabeth Short, the victim. When we discuss details of her murder it is to better understand the mindset of the murderer. We also discuss details of Miss Short’s life, but in no way agree with the sensationalist contemporary media coverage of her. Rather, the fact that this took place is an interesting aspect of the social history of the time and worthy of investigation in itself.

After Show Starts At: 2:11

Edited by: FTWard

Photo: Santa Barbara Police 1943 Photographer Unknown

“In California” – by Neko Case & Lisa Marr
Performed by Tawnee Kendall & Jacob Wolkenhauer

“Hotel California” – by Don Felder, Don Henley, Glenn Frey
Performed by Gabriella Quevedo

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