VoK 260: Theories of Ice and Fire (Vol. 2) – R+L=?


In this episode, vassals Scott (Shaggydog), Brett (White Raven), Nadia, (Casey) Blue Eyed Queen and (Peter) PetyrSlayish15 pick apart the R+L=J theory and posit/shoot down alternatives alluded to in the Linear ASOIAF re-read series.

Warning: Contains spoilers for all published works in George R R Martin’s ASOIAF series as well as The World of Ice and Fire.

Edited by Shaggydog.

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One response to “VoK 260: Theories of Ice and Fire (Vol. 2) – R+L=?

  1. Couldn’t the promise he felt bad for not being able to keep towards Jon be something as simple as “Ned promise me to raise him as one of your own. Keep him by your side and protect him”. Then Ned would feel guilty for breaking the promise by allowing Jon to go to the wall

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