VoK 253: The Ricky-Bobby School of Politics aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 10)


N+L=J; Pissing Off To Dragonstone; a Westerosi Order 66 and the hotness of Septa Mordane?  It can only be the VOK Linear Re-read, as hosted by Bina007, Brett (Whitehaven), Nadia, Noah (Pops88), Scott (Shaggydog) and Steve-on-the-forums!

In this episode we cover  the events of the week of October 19th 298 in Ned 12 through 14, Arya 4 and Sansa 4, in which Robert and Syrio die, Arya bests her first man with steel and Sansa snitches.

The aftershow starts at 2hr 10m, and for listeners playing along at home, the next episode will cover Jon 5 through 7, Bran 6 and Dany 6.

Picture credit: The APOIAF Artbook of Game of Thrones, as drawn by the Podcast Queen, Mimi Mieville.  Music credits: Alpine Universe and Slow Club.

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One response to “VoK 253: The Ricky-Bobby School of Politics aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 10)

  1. Jeyne Poole has whip marks on her back from before being married to Ramsey. She also says something along the lines of having been trained in the sexual arts. I got the impression that she was still a virgin when wedded to Ramsey Bolton

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