VoK 249: The Silmarillion ReRead (Part 7) – The End of an Age

Doors_of_NightThe Vassals of Kingsgrave gather to finish The Quenta Silmarillion.  In part 7 of the re-read we cover chapters 22-24 (Of the Ruin of Doriath, Of Tuor and the Fall of Gondolin & Of the Voyage of Earendil and the War of Wrath).

Join hosts Greg (claudiusthefool), Matt (Varley), Matthieu (Beric175) & Shane (Easttexasdirewolf) as we recap battles between Elves & Dwarves, Beren kicking some Dwarvish ass, many discussions on the Half-elven, ACTUAL WINGED DRAGONS! as well as the epic conclusion of the first age and the (final?) war between Morgoth and The Valar.

Edited by Greg

Audiobook clips are from “The Silmarillion: Unabridged” by J.R.R. Tolkien, read by Martin Shaw, copyright 1998 by Random House Audio.

Episode Art: “The Doors of Night” by John Howe.

Song: “Die Dragons” by Shane, copyright VOK Classics 2015

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