VoK 237: The Iron Bidet aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 3)


In the third part of our linear re-read the Fellowship of Vassals expands both in numbers and chapters covered.  We go through the events of May and June 298 which sees an assassination attempt on Bran, Tyrion go north to the wall, Ned go south with Robert, and Dany visiting Vaes Dothrak.  Naturally, the podcast contains spoilers for all works in the Song of Ice and Fire series as well as HBO’s Game of Thrones.

Bran 2 (0m); Tyrion 1 (20m); Jon 2 (45m); Cat 3 (1hr); Tyrion 2 (1hr 17m); Dany 4 (1hr 30m); Ned (1hr 40m); Aftershow (2hr).

For the listener playing along at home, the next instalment will cover the chapters in July 298 – Sansa 1 & Ned 3 – and the first half of August 298 – Bran 3, Cat 4 and Ned 4.

Hosts: Adam (Drowned Snow), Amanda (Middlecyclone), Bina007, Brett (Whiteraven), Calvin (KCenturion), Kelvin (Brum Riverlander), Matt (Varley), Nadia, and Tanja (Scilens).

Picture credit: HBO’s Game of Thrones. Music credit: Johnny Cash.

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8 responses to “VoK 237: The Iron Bidet aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 3)

  1. Hey guys, love the reread idea. I’ll be following along. I just wanted to let you know that it’s almost impossible to understand Nadia at times. I didn’t understand most of the Bran II recap. It’s the audio quality, not the accent.

    • Unfortunately that’s more to do with Internet connection quality in Pakistan which is outside our control but we love Nadia so much it’s worth persevering with. Glad you’re enjoying the podcast and feel free to participate in a future episode.

  2. I had no idea she was in Pakistan. I’ll go back and listen again. Seriously, I will.

  3. Off mic I was picturing the SNL skit where Juliana Margolis spit pie into Kris Kattan’s mouth when Brett brought up the bird mouthfeeding, which caused me to crack up even more.

  4. Greg (claudiusthefool)

    Matt! Stop muting yourself when you are laughing. Like Bina said, validation is needed. Also congrats on making it to bumper status. Way to go.

  5. I just started listening when I found out about the re-read. Of course now I’m hooked and have gone back to A podcast of ice and fire and downloaded all the episodes. I love love love the cast of both of these! You guys are witty smart and I can’t wait for more. Brett is absolutely amazing he’s got me fangirling over him a bit, I think he’s awesome. Can’t wait to here more and keep up the good work!!!!!

  6. The aftershow need to go into an aftershow hall of fame. If VOK is nominated for a podcast award, I nominate the Bidet aftershow to be the clip submitted to the judges.

  7. Can we get Shellfish in some of these? He’s my favorite

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