VoK 234: “I Am” by Leona Lewis (Album Review)


Dagos_Rivers (Glen), hardcore ‘bunny’ (Leona Lewis calls her fans that, much to my chagrin) attempts a solo podcast to discuss the music, career, and fan obsession of X Factor champion; Leona Lewis, in particular her return to the music scene with her 5th Studio Album, ‘I Am’.

I also discuss the following topics:
-Artwork and the theme of the album
-My appreciation of music in 2006 – 2008
-The 411 on Leona Lewis
-I Am Track by Track review
-Trials and Tribulations for patient Leona fans
-The songs that got away: Burn, Halo, We Found Love, Strangers, etc.
-Anniversary / Christmas gifts

Running Time: 00:56:44
Credits: Edited by Dagos_Rivers

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