VoK 232: Panspermia! aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 1)


In the first in a new series of VOK-casts, the Vassals return to their roots with a linear re-read of George R R Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire.  This episode covers events from June 297 to March 298. This translates to the following chapters in Game of Thrones: the Prologue, Dany 1 (21 mins), Dany 2 (37 mins), Bran 1 (48 mins), Cat 1 (1hr 9m) and Dany 3 (1 hr 18m) in that order.  Whiteraven then shares his theory of why seasons change (1hr 28m).  In doing this re-read we are hugely indebted to the reddit author who compiled the linear timeline linked below.

Spoilers:  All published novels in the ASOIAF series but neither spoiler chapters for The Winds of Winter nor the latest season of Game of Thrones.

Podcast hosts: Bina007, Middlecyclone (Amanda), Nadia, Varley (Matt) and Whiteraven (Brett) with extra podcast goodness from the Podcast Bard, Jed O’ White Hart.

For those of you playing along at home, the next episode will cover Game of Thrones: Ned 1, Jon 1, Cat 2 and Arya 1 which corresponds to April 298.

Picture credit: Jon Neimeister. Music credit: Sammy Davis Jr’s superlative Old Black Magic.

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6 responses to “VoK 232: Panspermia! aka The Great Linear ASOIAF ReRead (Part 1)

  1. NADIA!!!!

  2. I enjoyed the podcast guys. I was for the dragons on the moon theory than everyone else though. I also like how you guys pointed out GRRM ability to influence our opinions on characters and families like the Lannisters subtlety. Great job. Look forward to more

  3. please link to that where are the characters now survey! I would like to test my mettle!

  4. Bina007 is my new favorite podcaster – very witty and great accent – I’ve listened to the first 8 and never stopped laughing – but if you want to see where you’ve gone wrong in your assessment of Jon, read these: https://meereeneseblot.wordpress.com/2013/10/14/other-wars-part-i-jons-noble-heart-and-greater-duty/

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