VoK 195: The Walking Dead (AMC series) – Season 5

VOK 195

The Vassals of Kingsgrave gather in the safety (relative) of Alexandria to review and discuss the 5th season of AMC’s The Walking Dead.  Join Greg (claudiusthefool), Amanda (Middlecyclone), Augustine (linecom1) & Steven (SJLee) as we discuss how comfortable we are with a possible Ricktatorship, are the Alexandrians dumb or just ignorant of the reality in which they live, how awesome Carl is (just kidding, he’s still awful) and generally meander our way from topic to topic much as the survivors do on the show but still end up where we are meant to be in the end.

***Warning: This podcast contains spoilers for the first five seasons of AMC’s The Walking Dead as well as references and spoilers for The Walking Dead Comic by Robert Kirkman (up to the point where the show has reached in the comics.  There will be no spoilers for the comics beyond that point.)***

Edited by Greg

Audio clip copyright AMC

Song: “Zombie” – The Cranberries

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