VoK 190: The World of Ice and Fire – The North and The Wall & Beyond


The Vassals of Kingsgrave continue their ongoing discussion series covering George R.R. Martin’s “The World of Ice and Fire”.  We discuss “The North” & “The Wall and Beyond” (pages 134 to 149 in the book).

Join hosts Greg (claudiusthefool), Alex (Lucky Charms), Dan (witless chum), Matt (Varley), Michal (inkasrain), Patrick (Ser Patrick the Tall) & Peter (Shellfish) as they dare to put into words the awesomeness of the Manderlys, the super-civilized Skagosi, Bear Island Wrestlemania, the pros and cons of punching narwhals in the face as well as unicorns.  Did we mention the unicorns?  Also unicorns.

Warning: Contains spoilers for all published and unpublished books in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, as well as all aired episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones.

  • 1:49 – The North
  • 29:23 – The Kings of Winter
  • 51:26 – Mountain Clans/Stoneborn of Skagos/Crannogmen
  • 1:10:35 – The Lords of Winterfell
  • 1:26:12 – Winterfell
  • 1:35:44 – The Night’s Watch
  • 1:53:46 – The Wildlings
  • 2:10:45 – Aftershow
  • 2:24:00 – Peter’s Medley

This podcast is part of series of in-depth discussions covering all of the various sections of The World of Ice and Fire (by George R. R. Martin, Elio Garcia & Linda Antonsson). Stay tuned to VOK for lots more installments!

Credits: Edited by Greg

  • Image Artist: Ted Nasmith
  • Music Credits
    • “Only a Northern Song” – The Beatles
    • “Kings” – Steely Dan
    • “In the Hall of the Mountain King” – Edvard Grieg, Performed by The Who
    • “Run Away!” – Spamalot Cast
    • Winterfell Theme – Ramin Djawadi, performed by Scott McKenzie
    • The Last of the Giants – George R.R. Martin, performed by Karliene
    • Walk on the Wild Side (Lou Reed)

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