VoK 182: The Silmarillion ReRead (Part 5) – Beren and Luthien

VOK 182 Cover Art

The Vassals of Kingsgrave celebrate Valentine’s Day by discussing Chapter 19 of the Quenta Silmarillion: Of Beren and Luthien.  Star-crossed lovers or doomed from the start?

Beren the mortal falls in love with Luthien, the most beautiful elf that has ever lived.  Before they can marry Beren must complete the impossible task of cutting a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth.  As we follow Beren on his journey we touch on the continued dickishness of the Sons of Feanor, the possibility of Morgoth babies, the epic awesomeness that is Huan the Hound of Valinor as well as the Epic Rap Battles of the First Age and Luthien’s ability to make everyone simultaneously fall in love with her and fall asleep.

Hosts Greg, Matt, Alix, Matthieu, & Eddie discuss all this and more in the fifth part of our continued Silmarillion re-read series.  The previous episodes in this series are VOK Episodes 147, 155, 163 & 172.

Edited by Greg

Image art: “Carcharoth” by Justin Gerard

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