VoK 176: The Legend of Korra Finale (“Day of the Colossus” & “The Last Stand”)

The time has come to say goodbye, Vassals. Clasp hands one last time with Katie (Lady Griffin), Stephanie (gsdg), Zach (Alias), Michal (inkasrain), and Amin as Kingsgrave crumbles around them and they venture together into a brighter, better tomorrow.

Here is the fanart we discuss in the after show.

Thank you to everyone who came along for the ride with us these past two and a half years. To our listeners and co-hosts alike, it’s been a pleasure. Viva la Korrasami!

Edited by Katie

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One response to “VoK 176: The Legend of Korra Finale (“Day of the Colossus” & “The Last Stand”)

  1. Oh boy, it was sweet sorrow watching those final 10 minutes of the MP3 drain away. Thanks ladies and gents for all of the kickass reviews. My experience of watching the show was definitely improved by your thoughtful observations and insights. 🙂

    Regarding Korrasami, I have to agree with Stephanie that—while the scene itself was beautiful and lyrical and a great crescendo for each characters emotional struggle throughout the season—the groundwork definitely wasn’t there in the same way it was for Mako (or even Varrick and Zhu Li). One point worth considering, however, is that Korra was conversing with Asami via mail for a long time, even after she cut off communication with Bolin and Mako. Asami is clearly Korras best friend and someone she feels she can be open and honest with (even at her most alienated).

    Obviously that’s no substitute for onscreen interactions, but it seems to suggest a powerful bond fairly early in the season, and then takes it to a new stage at the end. In the long-run, the writing could be seen as shallow, but as you guys pointed out, this is only the first few flickerings of a romantic union, and one that Korra doesn’t necessarily have a road-map for; however, the idea of going on an adventure with Asami clearly fills her with joy, and that’s usually a good starting point.

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