VoK 162: Twin Peaks ReWatch (Part 3)


In this episode Bina007 is joined by three high roller oral surgeons from the Tri-City area, Greg (ClaudiustheFool), Shane (EastTexasDirewolf) and Steven (SJLee) to discuss the final two episodes of the first season of Twin Peaks: Realization Time and The Last Evening. As usual, we will fully spoil all episodes up to this point but will not discuss any material from Season Two, allowing our female long-distance trucker Native American listener to join along at home.

Some corrections: Who shot JR featured as a plot in Dallas in 1981 rather than 1984; viewers had to wait a mere four months between seasons 1 and 2 in the USA.  The main show ends at 1 hr 8 mins.

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[VoK 73] Spoiler filled Twin Peaks overview episode


9 responses to “VoK 162: Twin Peaks ReWatch (Part 3)

  1. The Ben Horn/Josie meetup is pretty key, you find out Ben is working with Josie behind Katherine’s back to sink the mill so that Ben can buy the land and build the Ghostwood Estates.

    Just something I thought about while trucking.

  2. Any update on when Part 4 will drop?

  3. Hope you guys will continue with re-watch of season 2!

  4. Hi Rob, I believe the team are scheduling s2 as we speak with Katie taking over as the designated driver.

  5. Sadly not but the rest if the awesome core team will be there!

  6. Thanks for the update. I’m psyched there will be S2 re-watch, though bummed bina007 won’t be a part of it. Hopefully there will still be references to Canadia

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