VoK 155: The Silmarillion ReRead (Part 2) – Dwarves Still Gonna Need Wood

VOK Sil 2 Graphic

The Vassals of Kingsgrave continue their Silmarillion re-read series.  Today we discuss the first six chapters of the Quenta Silmarillion.  We finally meet the first Elves and follow them as they make their way West and along the way many adventures and hijinks ensue.  The Dwarves make a brief appearance, there is some bickering between married gods, a lovely island ferry, mighty eagles, Ents and Orcs.

We also learn the twelve different names the Elves have for themselves (Quendi, Eldar, Avari, Falmari, Eldalie, Calaquendi, Umanyar, Moriquendi, Nandor, Sindar, Falathrim & Eglath) in case you were wondering.

Join hosts Greg, Brett, Shane, Alix, Matt & first time podcaster Matthieu as they attempt to keep all the names straight while at the same time try to understand why Tulkas likes wrestling so much.

Edited by Greg

Image art by Ted Nasmith

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2 responses to “VoK 155: The Silmarillion ReRead (Part 2) – Dwarves Still Gonna Need Wood

  1. I paused the podcast and googled simarillion facts so many times it has taken me 5 work days to get through it. Great detail guys! I have read the book twice and so obviously loved the podcast. Thanks! Jon

  2. Guys thank you so much for doing these podcasts, I’ve been a Silmarillion fan for a while and I always have to deal with people talking shit about it without even read it, I think amongst general fans is the least loved Tolkien book. Anyways you are awesome and I love that you have fun talking about it because I’ve had the same thoughts during my rereads, it’s my favourite book but I’m conscious about its flaws.
    P.D.: Thanks to you I discovered some disturbing fanart I had no idea existed.

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