VoK 151: The Sopranos ReWatch (Part 1) – Since the Ducks Left


What happens when four wiseguys walk into a psychiatrist’s office? Join vassals Duncan (Valkyrist), Bina (Bina007), Michael (Mordion), and Mattias (Maca) as they hijack and dismantle the first two seasons of HBO’s crown jewel – The Sopranos.

This is the first podcast in a three-part retrospective of the series.

02:51 – Cultural Impact
22:22 – Season 1 Discussion
1:02:33 – Season 2 Discussion

Warning: Contains #SPOILERS# for all aired episodes of HBO’s The Sopranos

Edited by Valkyrist
Audio clips owned by HBO

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3 responses to “VoK 151: The Sopranos ReWatch (Part 1) – Since the Ducks Left

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  3. I’m a huge Sopranos fan, I didn’t tune in to here you talk about the F ing wire,I’ve never even heard or the wire, but you guys kept going on and on. Finally I said if I hear that show one more time I’m leaving. then right away the girl brought it up again. She was already on my nerves for asking/saying dumb things and kinda dissing the Sopranos, and propping the.. you know. So I had a bad experience and I’m leaving as soon as I finish writing this. Maybe if there’s a pt 4, I’ll come back and try again. buh bye.

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