VoK 125: The Princess Bride [1987] (DVD Commentary) – Abridged Version


Bina007, Alias (Zack) and Mordion (Michael) provide a DVD commentary to Rob Reiner’s 1987 cult classic movie The Princess Bride. Written by William Goldman the movie puts a witty before its time post modern take on the fairy tale.

Please note that this episode will be published in two editions.  VoK 124 is the full DVD Commentary for people who want to watch with the movie on in the background and has a running time of 1h 41m.

This episode, VoK 125, is for those who want to just listen to our mindless babbling and don’t have access to the movie. It edits out the sporadic silences and has a running time of 1h 23m.

Edited by Bina007.
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