VoK 120: Full Cast(le) Recording #5 – A Krewk through the Heart! (CockneyMoot 2014)


The Cockney vassals recreate the mythic lost Full Cast(le) Recording of Storm of Swords, Tyrion Chapter 9.  The cast is as follows:

  • Narrator – Bina007
  • Lord Tyrion Lannister – Jed O’White Hart aka The Podcast Bard and host of Cockneymoot 4
  • Lord Jaime Lannister – Brum Riverlander aka Kelvin
  • Lord Varys – Teddard aka Eddie
  • Lum The Guard – Brum Riverlander aka Kelvin
  • Lester The Guard – Mactire aka Ollie
  • Shae Da Funny Whore – Mactire aka Ollie
  • Lord Tywin Lannister – Big Ged

The main show begins at 2m and the cookie monster impressions at 29m.  Naturally this chapter is thoroughly spoiled!

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