VoK 116: The Rogue Prince (by George R. R. Martin) – “The Greens” Edition

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Join the Vassals of Kingsgrave (GreenCast Edition) as they review and discuss “The Rogue Prince” by George R.R. Martin. Hosts Ser Patrick the Tall, claudiusthefool, FTWard, Inkasrain & Khal Wadege analyze Grand Maester Gyldayne’s history of the life of Daemon Targaryen and his various swashbuckling adventures.

Come for the erudite and highfalutin discussion and stay for the silly aftershow that touches such wide-ranging subjects as the validity of the sources quoted in this story, Jews in Denmark, Valyrian swords in tourneys, the Valyrian speech of the Targaryen court, and blaming it all on Viserys I (and much more).

Warning: Contains spoilers for all published books in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire

Edited by claudiusthefool

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5 responses to “VoK 116: The Rogue Prince (by George R. R. Martin) – “The Greens” Edition

  1. Love the podcast. In regards to mushroom and court jesters/fools. William Soomers was Henvy VIII’s fool who was known for his discretion. He even was part of the court after Henry died, for Mary and then Elizabeth I. There are other real examples of other court jester’s accounts of court life, but Will Soomers comes to my mind.

  2. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed our rambling but hopefully insightful discussion. And thanks for the knowledge about William Soomers. My fools in history knowledge is a bit lacking.

  3. justanothergeek

    I really didn’t get the whole “friendzoned” Criston Cole angle, mind you Cole is still a hateful bastard but i think the narrative gives much more credit to the opposite interpretation, that he is in fact the ultimate prude and rejected Rhaenyra not just out of duty but out of his ultraconservative morals, once she was tainted she became unworthy of the throne in his eyes because of her “slutty” behavior. He’s the ultimate moral guardian of Westeros, that’s why he killed Ser Joffrey, it wouldn’t make sense killing him out of jealousy he had nothing to do with the Rhaenyra, he did it because he was the lover of the future queens husband, it was all part of his self righteous moral crusade.

    • Claudiusthefool

      Interesting. So you think Ser Criston never had any interest in Rhaenyra? And his going all crazy on Joffrey had nothing to do with him being spurned. It’s a new view, but knowing all the stuff he does in TPATQ and him cutting an 80-year old man’s throat and starting the whole Dance really goes against him being the ultimate moral guardian of Westeros in my opinion. Unless you were saying that sarcastically, in which case I agree with you.

  4. I believe Criston and Rhaenyra had a romantic affair and when Rhaenyra turned down his offer to abscond with him to the free cities his love for her turned into hatred and he wanted vengeance. That’s why Criston came down so hard on Harwin the strong and her husband’s lover at the wedding Criston wanted to hurt them, thats why he became a green, that’s why he supported Aegon’s claim revenge.

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