VoK 107: WolfCast – “The Mountain and the Wiper” (S04E08 Review)

u47oWolfcast tackles the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Due to a pressing cricket emergency, the reins of the podcast are unceremoniously thrust upon an ornery and sleep-deprived Shellfish (Peter) who desperately tries to keep the sled on track as posh birds Bina (Bina007) and Imogen (Imogen.OB), béret wearing baguette toter Alix (Aiwendil), the vertically endowed windmill operator Patrick (Patrick the Tall), viper-mourner Nadia (Nadia) and newcomer Kelvin (Brum Riverlander) discuss the geography of the North, evil dresses, crimes against Manwoody, duelling laws in France and everything inbetween.

Edited by Shellfish

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And finally, here’s Shellfish’s spectacular MS Paint pic of Dany dismissing Jorah, available in the Podcast of Ice and Fire [artbooks].

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3 responses to “VoK 107: WolfCast – “The Mountain and the Wiper” (S04E08 Review)

  1. Bryson in Westeros

    Great podcast guys Shellfish aka Tywin lannister hosting lmao red viper/windshield wiper lol you all are great I would love to join y’all podcast for an episode is there anyway I can join in an talk to the crew?

  2. If you join the forums at podcastoficeandfire.com, then look for Vassals of Kingsgrave and Wolfcast, you’ll find us

  3. I was cringing and crossing my legs just when Bina007 predicted that all the guys would bedoing so,

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