VoK 105: Blackadder (BBC series)


For lack of a Game of Thrones episode to comment on, this week Wolfcast reviews the famous 80s British historical comedy Blackadder. Imogen.OB, expert on all things Britain, is this week’s lead host, diving into the mysteries of British history and comedy with Viking Patrick the Tall, expert bear-fighter Peter (Shellfish) and baguette-eating, beret-wearing Alix (Aiwendil).

The season-by-season discussion is very evenly divided as follows:

00:00 – Introduction, favorite seasons, quotes and characters
10:10 – Season 1: The Black Adder
17:41 – Season 2: Blackadder II
51:28 – Season 3: Blackadder the Third
1:08:04 – Season 4: Blackadder Goes Forth
2:12:08 – Aftershow: “One night, Marry, Scorpions”, Blackadder actors and their careers, Imogen’s TV show recommandation, Blackadder and social issues, “Ask Imogen – British Slang Edition”, How to properly address the Queen of England, parallels between Blackadder and ASoIaF, European politics, Peter/Patrick fanfiction, Velociraptors & more

This podcast contains spoilers for all aired episodes of the Blackadder canon and potential spoilers for A Clash of Kings and by extension the Game of Thrones TV series.

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