VoK 102: LOTR ReRead (Part 8) – The Fourth Age of Middle-Earth


Join the Fellowship of Vassals for the final episode of their epic eight part re-read of JRR Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings. In this episode, Bina007, Shellfish (Peter), Nadia, Middlecyclone (Amanda), Whiteraven (Brett) and EastTexasDirewolf (Shane) discuss chapters 5 to 9 of The Return of the King and the Appendices.

Topics of discussion include the logistics of Maiar reincarnation; the sex lives of elves; badass ninja hobbits; whether, if Galadriel had a beard, she would be more attractive to Gimli; the ineptitude of the White Council and the relative merits of a wiffle bat and a cricket bat in the event of a Zombie apocalypse.

The chapter discussion runs up to 1h 9m and the appendices to 2h.

This podcast contains spoilers for the works of Tolkien and George R R Martin.

Edited by Bina007

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