VoK 96: DragonCast – “First of His Name” (S04E05 Review)


This week the Vassals witness Tommen’s coronation, wonder if Westeros looks like a baby elephant and argue if an arrow can pierce thru chainmail . HBO’s Game of Throne Season 4 Episode 5 “First of His Name”, Directed by Michelle MacLaren , written by Benioff and Weiss.

Beware of Spoilers, the following podcast will discuss all publish books in A Song of Ice and Fire Series

Edited by Vikram (fortytwo)
Hosts: Fortytwo, clauidusthefool, Pod’s Plight, inkasrain, Mockingbird
Intro Background score is The Last Post by Royal Australian Air Force
Outro Music is Mark Neil’s 11_strANGE_Ls

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2 responses to “VoK 96: DragonCast – “First of His Name” (S04E05 Review)

  1. Its actually a lime shortage. Great ep tho, keep em coming D-casters!!

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