VoK 91: WolfCast – “Oathkeeper” aka It’s Different (S04E04 Review)

Tom Meier's Darkworld miniature of Brienne of Tarth.

Tom Meier’s Darkworld miniature of Brienne of Tarth.

Welcome to this week’s Wolfcast in which Bina007 gets sentimental over Jaime-Brienne; Alix (Aiwendil) flips tables about the Jon-Bran reveal; Nadia wonders what happened to Brienne’s helm; Bing (Shoeshiner) enjoys people learning to read; Peter (Shellfish) gets angry with Jon for leaving Longclaw lying around; and Patrick mutters ‘it’s different’ as his heart is broken.

The aftershow begins at 1h17m and covers the implications for the culture of white walkers of the final scene; whether show King’s Landing is more like Rome or Byzantium; and, er, Made In Chelsea.

Warning: Contains spoilers for all published books in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire

Edited by Bina007 lovingly using images and sounds from the glorious Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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8 responses to “VoK 91: WolfCast – “Oathkeeper” aka It’s Different (S04E04 Review)

  1. Aaaaaah, I wish I was there so bad. 😦 European history, cultures, politics, RL parallels, MiC, table flipping, international relations between european states, Hugo, srupid kraken farts, Cags and Spenny, these are all the things I like. I actually got the Skype call and tried to answer it, but was too drunk and clicked the wrong thing. Alas, you could have gotten drunk Imogen, the best kind of Imogen 😦

    But totes great ep guys!!! Needed more flowery swearing, but I guess I’ll rub off on you eventually.

  2. Also, bran does know (or at leadt figures out) about the red wedding in the book. He feels the connection to grey wind and lady go when in Summer’s body and a great sense of loss.

  3. Bryson in Westeros

    Vok wolf cast is the best I work the night shift here in Atlanta and vok gets me through the shift. You guys are funny has hell I’m not on the forum but maybe I should sign up. I found vok through podcast of ice and fire but those guys were a little boring you guys seem like the best of friends who love the books as much as I do. It’s hard here to find book readers and talk about theories but you guys help out My favorite podcaster is bina007 (great voice and funny love the accent) next is Shellfish ( make me laugh the hardest that guy really loves swords, how could Jon leave longclaw like dat lol I love it) then is Nadia ( also funny and how does she remember all the deaths on the birthing bed lol I guess just like I a can remember all the Stannis quotes) But anyway you guys are great and keep the podcasts coming for the late shifters.

  4. Thanks Bryson, Wolfcast is a really fun group to podcast with 🙂

  5. Bryson in Westeros

    Guys what about a full cast scene of the davos chapter in the wanderly court room you guys kevan lannister death scene was really good. I’m not a big Jaime fan So I didn’t like that one but any lannister getting killed is fine with me lol and what about a podcast with everyone on how you’ll think the series is going to end. thanks guys

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