VoK 86: WolfCast – “The Lion and the Rose” (S04E02 Review)


Welcome to the WolfCast review of Game of Thrones s4e2 aka The Lion and The Rose aka The Purple Wedding. In this episode grievous harm is done to inanimate objects; Shellfish gives us his Vogue Westeros report on Bridal Fashions; Nadia flips all sorts of Pakistani tables when Jaime doesn’t don a gauntlet; Imogen.OB  asks whether the show has done a disservice to its female characters; Aiwendil asks whether there has ever been a good father in Westeros; and Bina007 gives everybody abandonment issues.

Warning: Contains spoilers for all published books in George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and the Dunk and Egg novellas, as well  as all aired episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones. It does not cover published spoiler chapters for The Winds of Winter.

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3 responses to “VoK 86: WolfCast – “The Lion and the Rose” (S04E02 Review)

  1. So much Peach Rage earns 5 Stars!

  2. Bryson in westeros

    Vok is the best you guys and ladies are great keep the podcasts coming.

  3. Thanks Bryson! Also thanks Fortytwo for the awesome gif!

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