VoK 84: DragonCast – “Two Swords” (S04E01 Review)


In this Inaugural DragonCast edition the crew review HBO’s Game of Throne Season 4 Episode 1 “Two Swords” Directed by DB Weiss, written by Benioff and Weiss. Vikram (Fortytwo) is joined by Zach(Alias), Michal(inkasrain), Shane(EastTexasDirewolf), Paul(Pod’s Plight), Michael(LordPrims) and Greg(claudiusthefool).

Edited by Vikram (Fortytwo)
Manwoody Tribute Background Music is John Deley’s Busted
Outro Music is Mark Neil’s 11_strANGE_Ls

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2 responses to “VoK 84: DragonCast – “Two Swords” (S04E01 Review)

  1. The Hound was using eat chicken as a euphemism for killing them.

  2. lol, that is what it meant … thats funny. – vikram

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