VoK 81: LOTR ReRead (Part 7) – The Destruction of the Ring

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The epic Vassals quest to destroy the One Ring finally reaches Mordor as we complete Book Five and begin Book Six of Tolkien’s fantasy epic Lord of the Rings.  Join Bina007, Shellfish (Peter), Nadia, Whiteraven (Brett), Middlecylone (Amanda) and Teddard (Eddie) as they discuss how culpable Gandalf is; Breomer’s poor swordsmanship, and the general awesomeness of Sam as we journey to the Field of Cormallen.

Please note that this episode contains spoilers for Lord of the Rings and incidentally other parts of the Tolkien oeuvre as well as George R R Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series.

Intro;  3m: Book Five Chapter Eight: The Houses of Healing; 17m: Chapter Nine: The Last Debate; 32m Chapter Ten: The Black Gate Opens;   44m Book Six Chapter One: The Tower of Cirith Ungol; 56m: Chapter Two:  The Land of Shadow; 61m: Chapter Three: Mount Doom; 80m:  Chapter Four: The Field of Cormallen; 90m: Outro; 96m Aftershow.

Edited by Bina007

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