VoK 74: Vikings (History Channel series) – Season 1


Vikram (Fortytwo) is joined by Brett(White Raven) and Nadia to review and discuss Michael Hirst’s Epic Saga Vikings. The crew try to puzzle out navigation by sun dial, women in Viking society, what was the point of the priest character Athelstan, Effect of Vikings on England and then finish it all off with One Nite/marry/kill game.

Edited by Vikram (Fortytwo)
Outro music was Fever Ray’s If I had a heart

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7 responses to “VoK 74: Vikings (History Channel series) – Season 1

  1. In the United Kingdom the ton is defined as 2,240 American (formerly english) pounds. It used to be 2000 pounds like it is now for us Americans. In The US we call that an english ton or a long ton and a true ton is 2000 pounds. The common ton is defined as 2 000 pounds (907 kg).

    Nadia speaks with a lot of confidence but I find she is incorrect more often then most of the other Vassals. Just my observation…

  2. In my defense, we use the metric system here, and a ton is defined as 1000 kg in the metric system or as 2240 pounds and that’s the one we use in calculations and I had no idea there was another ton as well.

    And yes, whenever I’m super confident about something, I’m usually wrong.

  3. Sorry, that was 2204 pounds not 2240. 2240 is the uk ton and 1000kg/2204 pounds is the metric ton. Oh God, this is confusing.

  4. Nadia please excuse my comment. We have this guy at work who makes our life tough and I think I may have been projecting my recent frustrations with him on you. I think you are great. I am truly impressed when I hear your kids in the background how you not only find the time to podcast and do research and be informed about so many different things. That goes for all of you pod-casters with and without kids.

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